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You want content that ranks and dominates the SERPs. But of course you also want high-quality content that leaves a lasting impression.
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How It Works

The Umbrella Writers provide SEO-optimized, high-quality content written by published authors who have appeared in numerous reputable magazines, journals and blogs. Our process is simple and compromises of the following steps:

Tell Us About Your Project

Get in tocuh with us through our contact form, email, Skype, or Telegram. Tell us about your project.

CSometimes only a topic is enough. If you please, you may add additional resources for us to go through. Our contact details can be found in the Order Now section below.


We Discuss Your Specifications

Your wish is our command. We provide content in any niche. If we have any question regarding your topics and specifications, we let you know so we have a crsytal clear picture of what you're trying to achieve.

It is important to us that our visions are aligned and we're always on the same page. One of the things we like to know include:

  • Prose Style (Formal, Informal, Mixed Style)
  • Sentence Structure (Very Brief, Laconic, Academic)
  • Target Audience (Academic, Niche, General)

We Research & Write

This is where the fun begins for us. Our team of writers get to work on your orders by carrying out a multi-layered array of deep research before any writing is done. Once research is complete, writing begins.


We Deliver in Full

The Umbrella Writers proritize quality, reliabilty, and fast turnaround. After delivery, we work with you to ensure that what you get is what you have always wanted, but never knew was possible.

Contents will be delievered in choice format including high quality pdf, docx, google docs link, or cloud upload.



We provide a host of comprehensive features that guarantee your book is ready-to-go from the moment we deliver to you.

Quality writing that sells itself

Genre-specific cover design

Free consultation on Amazon kindle publishing

Professional formatting

Marketing Tips and Guidance

Multiple format delivery: pdf, docx, mobi, and epub

Book self-publishing is a lucrative business. Sadly, it is also an incredibly tedious one. Our job is to make things easy for you - to the fullest possible extent. The full gamut of our services is designed to ensure that you're not just ready to publish, but are ready to publish immediately your book is delivered.

Our turn-around time prioritises quality and speed. Not only do we help get your book published, we can also help with promotion and marketing.

Our services also include keyword research for Amazon publication, free consultation for serious customers, social promotion, category selection, and ISBN registration.

  • Landing page to promote your book
  • Free consultation
  • 3D prmotional graphics
  • ISBN registration, Category Selection, and many more.


Our packages are customized to give you the highest value
without compromising on convenience.


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Some titles written by The Umbrella Writers


What matters in a book is that it provides remarkable value for those who read it. So far we've written 5 books under The Umbrella Writers and they've all been remarkably valuable to say the least. Apart from the books themselves, the Writers have also displayed a remarkable deal of professionalism that ensures that they remain our number one.
Paula McLellan
CEO, CCCreate
A mind twister, for sure. How do you know if you know? "The general principle remains the same: acquire, forget, recollect, iterate and reiterate." As I continued it made more and more sense. When I got to underlying principles, my mind got it. This is a fascinating book about how we learn, think, process information, and know things.
D. Mason
We went into this partnership with The Umbrella Writers with no doubt and we're glad to say that we have emerged at the finished line with no doubt. The writing was simply incredible and every related services that we purchased were also just as well done. Kudos!
Frank DeNino


The Umbrella Writers specialize in delivering high quality books and publishing-related services to individuals, companies, and entities who wish to have their own book(s) published without having the necessary time to carry out all the steps on their own. Our team of experts utilizes our incredibly-streamlined framework to make this process run as smoothly as possible, and producing highest quality end products as a result.

From book writing, revisions, editing, cover designs, pro formatting, to landing page design, marketing strategy formulation, keyword research, blurbs, descriptions, we handle everything!


Publishing, particularly self-publishing, is a quite demanding process. At The Umbrella Writers our job is to make this arduous process effortless for you.

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